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The first official Garden Party at my new residence took place on Sunday 2007-09-23 from 2pm until evening. The weather mostly smiled on us, apart from some light rain, so the bowls were out in force. Proceedings still went ahead under the gazebo, Fabrizia's Turkish bell tent, Marcus's tepee and in the house. There were many musical performances from:

Acts that I forgot about (!) or there wasn't time for:

As in all good benevolent cultures, there was no charge for the event, but you were strongly encouraged to throw money at any musicians you enjoy, preferably notes and definitely no £2 coins between the eyes! You were not allowed to remove money from the pockets of musicians you disliked :-)

[ Malc playing the gong tree ] [ Bowls guarding the garden ]The theme of this party was Freedom, to celebrate my release from day-job prison. Fancy dress was optional, and you were urged to just feel Free. Steve took some pictures and brought a barbecue to cook vegetarian food, and I prepared some SuperFoodTM; everyone else brought a veritable feast of other good grub to share.

Tragically, a song that Ruth and I played (involving gongs!) invoked the storm god Thor who unleashed a massive gale overnight which wrecked the gazebo and pulled down the bell tent!

More events shall follow, although on a less extravagant (more doable) scale, focusing on just one or two performances and leaving me time to chat and for jam sessions. As it was, the day for me was a 14-hour marathon of setting up equipment and performing in seven of the groups!

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