The Naked Truth "Nameless"

[ Malc drumming with Ruth singing at Triangle Festival ]

"Guitar, vocals and African drums take you on an uplifting melodic journey with soulful sunshine grooves."

[OK, the group's name is in transition... so we are currently anonymous.]


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[ The Naked Truth singing 'We Can Have Dreams' at FSDD | Malc is not really that large :-) | The Naked Truth playing 'White Bird' at FSDD | Malc's Tibetan Bowl table at FSDD | Ruth playing guitar at FSDD ]

[ Ruth and Malc with table of bowls at FSDD | Cuffley Camp Amphitheatre (side view) | Cuffley Camp Amphitheatre (top view) | Ruth strummin' at FSDD ]

[ The Naked Truth at Dragon's Palace | The Naked Truth in the meadow | The Naked Truth in the buttercup meadow | The Naked Truth gazing skyward ]

Our as yet unnamed debut CD will be released in 2008...maybe :-)

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