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Information about the village

[ Court Cottage and Vine Cottage ]Check this zoomable map of Great Offley centred on Court Cottage, with my own comprehensive directions (a variety of scenic routes).
Fine food & drink in Great Offley can be had at The Green Man with fine views over the Chilterns, and The Red Lion at the south end of the village. Lobster Tail is now a private house, and Shaker Brown first became Astons, then The Gloucester Arms, and is now Offley Oriental.

[ Offley village sign ]Perched on the crest of the Chilterns, at Latitude 51° 55' 0 N, Longitude 0° 19' 60 W, Altitude 118m (390ft), Great Offley appeared in The Domesday Book as Offelei or Offelgi, and is so named because King Offa of Mercia died here in 796 A.D. shortly after he founded St. Albans Abbey in 793. The new village sign (left), made by Alpha Signs in Saffron Walden, depicts the old windmill, harvest time, King Offa, and the old well.

[ Little Offley Woods ]There are some stunning walks to be had around the village of Great Offley, seen here resplendent in rust red autumn 2003. See also this crop circle I photographed just north of Little Offley.

Offley is under threat!

Over the years the government has repeatedly proposed allowing massive expansion at nearby Luton airport, causing major traffic congestion in the region and increases in noise and pollution. These proposals are part of a larger scheme to increase air traffic to gross and unsustainable levels, to line the pockets of the aviation industry at the expense of the people of Britain.

Here is my original article; please support LADACAN and Airport Watch.

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