Initial concepts in web design

From small acorns...

A website needs a unique domain name which is its address on the Web. We then write the code that makes your website's pages, and that code is then hosted on a server that allows people all over the world to see it.

Think of what your website needs to contain. How do you want to come across to your readers? Only mention your best assets, use your best photos. Aim high. Be sure to mention your Unique Selling Points and raison d'etre. Don't bother with excessive use of buzzwords - people bore easily :-)

Style is less important initially - content is king! Search engines don't really care what your site looks like, but go by the quality of information it provides. Search engines love our knowledge-rich sites. Of course, once people have found your site, you want them to stay, and so pleasant, easy-to-use design is best.

Have a look through this website and then get in touch to discuss your needs. We charge an hourly rate for the time spent maintaining your site. Once it's up, the only cost is the monthly hosting fee, plus of course any changes you wish to make. Billing for domain names and hosting your website is dealt with separately through Mythic Beasts.

A rough estimate for a typical site with less than ten pages might take 10-20 hours work, largely dependent on the complexity of page design, number of images, etc. To save time, we provide lots of good advice free of charge :-)