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In today's challenging world of cuts and hardship, don't forget to take your medicine. Rather than reducing, I've increased my dosage, so up yours! ;-)

Music Every Day
Music Every Day Is Considered Important Nowadays Everywhere
Music Every Day Is Conducive If Not Essential
Music Every Day Is Crucial In Nurturing Enthusiasm
Music Each Day Is Complicit In Neutralising Ennui
Music Every Day Inspires Clever Insights Never Envisaged
Music Every Day Irrefutably Conveys Initiates Nearer Enlightenment
Music Every Day Imparts Contentment Instead (of) Nervous Excitement
Music Every Day Inserts Charisma Into Negotiations Easily
Music Every Day Increases Cardiovascular Intensity + Neurological Exercise
Music Enhances Devotees' Intellectual Creativity Including Nourishing Effects
Music Encourages Dexterity, Instinct, Confidence In Novices Even
Music Encourages Discipline In Children In Nursery Education
Music, Especially Drumming, Inspires Children In Nursery Education
Music Effectively Deals In Confronting Inherent Negative Emotions
Music's Eventual Decline Into Consumerist Idiocy Needs Ending!
Music's Esoteric Dream Inside Consciousness Is Nearly Endless
Musical Expression Definitely Introduces Completely Intimate Nuances Effortlessly
Musical Experimenters Defeat Insurmountable Challenges Improvising Novel Economics
Musicians Everywhere Demonstrate Illumination Can Increase Nearly Exponentially
Musicians Excel Despite Intense Challenges In Normal Existence
Musicians Exhibit Deeper Interpersonal Co-operation In Neighbourly Exchanges
Musical Explorer Develops Independent Control, Is Nicely Evolved
Musical Empathy Delivers Impressive Changes Incorporating New Experiences
Musical Emanations Daily Ingested Cure Illness Naturally Enriching
Medical Experts + Doctors Instigate Caring Instrumental Nursing Environments
Melodic Ecstasy Deepens Intuitive Capacities Infinitely, Never Ending
Manic Extrovert Drumming Ideally Channels Invaluable Native Energy
Magical Electronic Drummer Is Carried Into Nirvana Elsewhere
Mystical Ecstatic Dancing Instils Calming Inner Numinous Elation

Lyrics written in bed 2010-10-16 10:30...12:30 (with more lines added later, and possibly more to come) directly inspired by Evelyn Glennie's wise words. They quickly became a song for soothing voices and instruments; perhaps this will one day evolve into a pronoid business plan/way of life...

© copyright Malcolm Smith 2010-10-16 - last updated 2010-11-03