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[ Court Cottage ] [ Westbury Farm in Great Offley ]From 2002-2006 I lived in this old and wonderful little cottage in the tranquil and picturesque village of Great Offley, between Luton and Hitchin (directions are available for the lost).

[ Michael's Folly in summer 1999 ]The house in the woods where I used to live, Michael's Folly is a charming Edwardian cottage near Hertford.
Come and take the Tour of Michael's Folly...

[ The Parsons' house reflected in the lake ]The house of David and Mary Parsons reflected in the lake.

[ Dartington Hall Tilt Yard ]Dartington Hall near Totnes in Devon hosts the Dartington International Summer School.

[ Queen Anne's Summerhouse amidst the trees ] Queen Anne's Summerhouse is a delightful folly in Bedfordshire.

[ Benington Lordship moat and gatehouse folly |

Benington Lordship is a large manor house with splendid gardens and castle gatehouse folly built onto the side of the house.

[ Malo's posse of drummers ] [ Jan's house in the African jungle ]When visiting Senegal on a drumming holiday, I stayed at Cassiopeia in Abene.

Holy Places

[ Warden Abbey ]Warden Abbey, near the picturesque village of Old Warden in Bedfordshire.

[ Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire ] [ Boston Stump lit up at night ]Boston Stump, a marvellous landmark towering over The Fens, and its namesake in Oxfordshire: another church of St. Botolph.

[ Outside Tufnell Park Church ] [ Panorama view of the circular nave in Temple Church ] Two round churches: Temple Church (right) and another in Tufnell Park, North London.

[ Druids' Temple in Yorkshire ] [ Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire ]Rievaulx Abbey and Druids' Temple in Yorkshire.

[ Ely Cathedral ] [ Cosmic Chapel Roadway to Heaven ] Ely Cathedral and Coventry Cathedral both have stunning stained glass windows.

Faraway Places

[ The creek at Abene, Senegal ] [ The fabulous gardens at Kossey in Abene ]The creek and beautiful tropical gardens of Abene in Senegal.

[ Ziguinchor street with palm tree and dudes hanging out on bench ] [ The entrance to Ziguinchor market ]A colourful street and the market in Ziguinchor, Senegal.

Internet cafe in Kafountine | Church in Kafountine ]Internet cafe and church in Kafountine in Senegal.

[ The long road home through the bush in Senegal ] [ Savannah grassland ]Travelling across the savannah in Senegal.


[ Sundrenched cliff of Haytor on Dartmoor ]Sundrenched cliff of Haytor Rocks on Dartmoor in October 1999.

[ Gordale Valley, Malham ]Malham, near Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales is my favourite place in the world.

[ Poppies in a field east of Tewin ] [ Bluebell Woods on Quiet Lane ]I love walking in poppy fields...

...and bluebell woods.

[ Little Offley Woods ]There are some stunning walks to be had around the village of Great Offley, seen here resplendent in rust red autumn 2003.

[ Tree Cathedral at Whipsnade near Dunstable ]The Tree Cathedral near Whipsnade Zoo on the Dunstable Downs is a small wood planted in the shape of a cathedral, with a central aisle and smaller 'chapels' off to the sides. It's an inspirational place for a contemplative visit, seen here looking particularly colourful in autumn.

[ Narnia in snow | Golden leaves down the lane ]Left: The Land of Narnia, a magical valley I only discovered in winter 2001, in Ponsbourne Woods just ten minutes' walk from Michael's Folly. These two huge trees guard the entrance to this snowy kingdom of paradise.

Right: Golden leaves down the lane near Michael's Folly lit by radiant sunshine in Autumn 2001.

[ The Tree Of Fate ]"The Tree Of Fate", photographed by Craig Morrison in the woods at Hooke's Grove, Bayfordbury near Hertford, a mystical place where we used to camp and play music; many surreal events occurred here... This image was recorded using a Canon EOS600 and processed in the darkroom using multiple multigrade filters to achieve extremely high contrast (no, it wasn't snowing then - this was taken in bright sunshine in summertime!). His picture was a deep inspiration on my (still unfinished) symphonic poem Judgement Day, and shows two paths, one leading to the light, the other to darkness. It is your choice.


[ Peak Cavern in Derbyshire ] Peak Cavern in the village of Castleton in Derbyshire is the largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles, and leads to 17km of tunnels and chambers beyond (experts only). This rain-free chamber has been used for 400 years as a dry place in which to live and work, and hemp rope has been made here right to the present day. Other caves near the village are Speedwell Cavern, where one journeys into an old mine by boat, Treak Cliff Cavern, and Blue John Cavern, where the precious stones are mined. Also in the area are Peveril Castle, the very scary Winnats Pass, Mam Tor and Ladybower Reservoir.

[ The Gothic Arch in Ingleborough Cave ]The Gothic Arch in Ingleborough Cave in Yorkshire.

[ Burning head ]A hellish place awaits evildoers...

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