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A large Senegalese market town

A few hours' drive from Abene is the busy town of Ziguinchor, which has a large market and banks. We went there on a mission to buy drums and textiles.

[ Crossing the bridge at Bignona at dawn | Palm tree growing through the roof at Le Kasse bar | The stage at Le Kasse bar, Ziguinchor | Inside Le Kasse bar | Carved chairs and tables | An archer carved into a chair ]

[ Cybercafe in Ziguinchor | Cybercafe sign | Ziguinchor street with palm tree and dudes hanging out on bench | Pink house in Ziguinchor | Laye's family ]

[ The entrance to Ziguinchor market | Outside the entrance to Ziguinchor market | Stalls in Ziguinchor market | A long street of stalls at the edge of Ziguinchor market ]

[ Duncan beside a large log that will become a dun dun | Goat walks unknowingly on djembe shells... | A master craftsman making a djembe | Me holding my newly purchased drum | Drum shop in Ziguinchor ]

[ Peugeot seven-seater | Shell garage with palm trees | An ornate statue in the centre of one of the few roundabouts | Herd of cows charging past Nescafe advert ]

[ A church by the roadside | Church tower | Traditional djola roundhouses | Beautiful pink Bougainvillea bush | Savannah grassland ]

[ Trees reflected in a lake | Rice fields underwater | Rice fields | Silk cotton trees | Tall palm trees beside the road ]

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