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[ Ben Wilson's Tree Keep at Wysing Arts Centre ]Ben Wilson's Tree Keep at the Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge is a fabulous two storey wooden construction, intricately carved by hand, with integral sculptures of man, woman, animals, sun, moon, flowers. Go see it!

[ Landscape painted by Danieli Fissore ]Wonderful landscape painting on card, 700mm x 300mm, by Daniele Fissore.

[ Tibetan Cloth ]A Tibetan cloth, hand-painted on silk, 2m x 1m, depicting the various stages on the Path to enlightenment, beginning at the monastery (not visible at the foot of this image). Notice the gradual change of colour of the elephants and monkeys from black to white and dark to light brown.

[ Painting of Mr. Spock by Dru Cole ]Painting of my namesake Mr. Spock by Dru Cole, 450mm x 550mm.

[ Christmas Star by Vanessa Stone ]Christmas Star, one of Vanessa Stone's paper cutouts.

Stained Glass

[ Tessa's fused window for Neil ]Twin-panelled, fused and leaded glass window in a hinged wooden frame, 2m x 1m, by Tessa Verrecchia, March 1999.

[ Tessa's large glass windows for the Royal Marsden Hospital ]One of two commemorative fused and leaded glass windows for the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, each 2.5m x 0.7m, by Tessa Verrecchia, May 2002.

[ Tessa's Carpe Diem window ]"Carpe Diem" fused and leaded glass window, 1m x 400mm, by Tessa Verrecchia, June 2000.

[ Detail of The Baptistry Window at Coventry Cathedral ]A close-up of The Baptistry Window in Coventry Cathedral.

[ Stained Glass Windows at Ely Cathedral ]Stained glass windows above the altar at Ely Cathedral. The Stained Glass Museum is well worth a visit, and features windows from medieval times to contemporary works.

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