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Creative Arts

Tessa Verrecchia's fused glass
Sarah Lamb Jewellery - handmade in silver with turquoise and lapis lazuli
Slashdot on Richard Box's very cool Electromagnetic Emissions Art
The amazing Underwater Sculpture of Jason deCaires Taylor

In August 2003 I went to London's Whitechapel Gallery to see an installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller which featured a piece called "Forty Part Motet" (2001). This was their version of Thomas Tallis' wonderful choral masterpiece Spem In Alium for forty voices, which was specially composed for the octagonal banqueting hall at Nonsuch Palace (sadly now demolished) with the forty choristers standing around the edge in eight groups of five while the patron sat in the centre; true Surround Sound in the 1570s! Cardiff and Miller's take on this was to have forty loudspeakers (one for each singer) arranged in a circle around the space, so the audience could walk around and experience any number of sonic perspectives. It was fascinating to hear the different voices, and of course one could get much closer than would be practical or polite with real singers. The strangest part came at the end of the piece, when the gallery would return to silence, the audience suddenly alone again after feeling surrounded by people. A wonderful touch came in the way of coughing and whispering as the ghost choir prepared to sing again their piece; it was very eerie being physically alone in this room to suddenly hear people's voices all around you.

Surrealist Painting

My favourite painters
Mati Klarwein painted some cool album covers by Miles Davis, Jon Hassell, Santana, etc. Just check out the Surrealist and especially Landscape galleries, e.g.: Visit, Soundscape, You're Next, Headquarters, Power Spot, Indian Summer, Private Property. on Magritte's "L'Empire des lumieres" and Cycladic Lyre Player figurine
Clucking Azure by Rowan ManningRowan Manning
Bob Drake's fantastic Art Tutorial
Tomas C. Gilsanz
Picture galleries of Nadezhda Markalova and Nadezhda Karavaeva


Newest photos on this website
Architecture photos of Abandoned Places and Dark Passages
Anne-Elise Hansen is a great photographer based in Oxford
Photographic artists
JeeYoung Lee creates incredible studio sets and then photographs them
Tom Chambers' Entropic Kingdom, Rite Of Passage and Dreaming In Reverse
Alejandro Chaskielberg gets his models to hold poses for 5-minute nocturnal exposures at full moon, to create amazing lighting effects.
Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey have developed a fascinating technique of Photographic Photosynthesis; their "Afterlife" installation at London's Beaconsfield Gallery in 2001 featured 5m-high photos developed onto grass using photosynthesis (yes, that's grass, not glass). I wish I'd seen it. More recently, they've been on an Arctic expedition, burning ice using "a lens carved from glacial ice as a magnifying glass for a neat refraction on global warming." Cool!

Photographic techniques

Discovering Focus - photography training In Ampthill
Linux Photography
Podcasts about photography and GIMP (both part of the Photocast Network)
How to Take Better Pictures by Ken Rockwell, an audio engineer who happens to know more about photography than most

For Christmas 2008 I was given a Kodak M1033 digital camera, but long to one day buy a proper DSLR to make better compositions. Before then, I had used a lovely Canon EOS600 analogue SLR camera to take portraits of people I know and places I've visited. Here are some useful tips:

Canon EOS Forum discuss Infra red film in EOS bodies and Canon EOS Lenses
Auto Depth of Field with Canon SLR
Photographing sky as part of a picture Learn Photography beginners' articles

Computer Graphics

Algorithmic Animation and Mathematical Art
Fractals and other cool mathematical images
Ken Musgrave's fantastic fractal planetary landscapes
Linux graphics software
net art


Veronica's ASCII-art has some amazing images including Escher's Waterfall and Computer Trouble; she inspired my own humble Homage to Bridget Riley.

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