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Castles On The Web
Coral Castle (Magical powers!) (official site) See also Stone Levitation by Tibetan Monks!
Density formulae of various materials
Standing Stones, Ley Line and Power Points
NW Scottish Highlands (looking to emigrate?)
Anglican Dioceses Map (in search of a church to dwell in)
The Landmark Trust restore historic ruined buildings and let them out for holidays; check out their exquisite handbook. On one of their Open Days, I visited and photographed Warden Abbey.
Medieval Architecture in Britain main page, links to Rievaulx Abbey near York [I went there in 2003]
Digital Archive of European Architecture main page, links to:

Virtual Tour of The Abbey at Fontenay
Astonishing Cathedrals at Church Crawler
Someries Castle near Luton Airport is now a ruin, but well worth a visit (O.S. map ref. TL119201)
Stokesay Castle is a fortified manor house built in a splendid collage of architectural styles 22 miles south of Shrewsbury which appears to have been faithfully copied as a restaurant in Philadelphia, USA!
Lyveden New Bield is an incomplete Elizabethan garden house and moated garden (O.S. map 141; ref. SP983853) 4 miles SW of Oundle via A427, 3 miles E of Brigstock, leading off A6116 near Peterborough. Nearby is Rushton Triangular Lodge - 1 mile W of Rushton, on unclassified road 3 miles from Desborough on A6 (O.S. map 141; ref. SP830831) (Kettering 5 miles)


Although I'm no caver myself, I was fascinated by reading a fine book by Tony Waltham, and subsequently got interested in karst, especially the limestone geology of my favourite place in the Yorkshire Dales. See also Peak District Caving.

Carlsbad Cavern (Wikipedia) in New Mexico is one of the world's largest caves - "To state that this room is BIG is an understatement." Within it is the crystal wonderland that is Lechuguilla Cave, which has been photographed by Peter Jones. See also some stunning images at The Virtual Cave, Cave Art and more about the sounds of megalithic cave art.


Looking up at the stunning hexagonal roof of The Classroom at MellowcroftThe Classroom at Mellowcroft
Court Cottage in Great Offley, Hertfordshire
The Strawbale Studio at Michael's Folly in Hertfordshire
Warden Abbey in Bedfordshire
Dartington Hall in Devon is paradise on Earth
Gothic Barn: Cistercian Abbey of Ter Doest, Lissewege (near Bruges in Belgium), 1275-1300
Edward Cullinan's timber gridshell structure, the amazing Downland Gridshell and other Innovative Structures
Little Moreton Hall is a fine timber-framed moated manor house, best viewed from then air using Kite Aerial Photography - check out these compact and larger KAP cameras.
Places to Visit from the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group
The Great Buildings Collection


Javier Senosiain - organic architect of Nautilus House and Quetzalcoatl Nest
Slashdot on Full Spectrum lighting
Slashdot on Self-Cleaning Glass
Slashdot on How mobile phone masts 'vanish'; see also Lots of pictures of cell-phone trees (love the CEV Hatch boulder) and More cell towers
Slashdot on Transparent Concrete (build me a crystal palace)
Slashdot on Conductive Concrete (build me a cosy castle) - more on Conductive Concrete for de-icing roads
Lodengraf is comprised of lightweight, granular materials that, when placed inside or around a noisy item, can dramatically reduce vibration and sound.
Radiant floor heating, Invisible Heating: types of floor and a Concrete Slab Floor diagram
4x4: Apartment Avant Garde interactive DVD exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects Gallery, Portland Place, London, and simultaneously in Glasgow, Manchester & Bristol in October/November 2001, curated by Dennis Sharp Architects featured the following:

The Lure Of The One-Off House
Abandoned PlacesAbandoned Places and Dark Passage

Furniture as Sculpture

My lovely Grahl Duo Back chair and Stokke Varier Variable kneeler chair
Ergonomic Computer Workstations and chairs at Back In Action
Slashdot on Lego ASCII mosaic and Lego desk, and not forgetting the Lego harpsichord :-)
Slashdot on The Periodic Table Table (here's another)
Breslev & Partners office furniture
RJM Furniture classic and designer furniture [FLASH website]
The Futon Shop in Sheffield
Woosh Bed at Forge Ahead
Brown Dog Interiors in Nottingham make some pretty cool made-to-order furniture
Perfect Furniture just around the corner have cool locally-made sofas

Sustainable Construction

The Tree House at MellowcroftMellowcroft is en route to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales
SunRay Kelley's incredible houses
Earthships - homes fit for humans, because building sustainable homes should be mandatory
Alternative Technology Association in Australia
Strawdance strawbale dance studio at Michael's Folly and what The Sunday Times didn't print
Strawbale House FAQ and The Last Straw
Concrete, Straw, Timber Frame, Log Home, Underground and Special Construction Books at
Construction Resources near London Bridge, is Britain's first ecological builders' merchant and building centre. They keep "updating" their website and breaking my links, so I'll leave it up to you to peruse their fine products... They sell natural, biodegradeable materials for thermal and acoustic insulation, made from flax, wood pulp, wood fibre, coconut fibre, recycled newspapers and recycled jute sacking, as well as lo-tech solar absorbers, solar roofs, slow-burning wood stoves, rainwater collectors, waterless urinals, windows, naturally anti-static carpets, clay boards and bricks, and also hollow timber blocks from which walls and even whole buildings can be quickly erected (time to relive my childhood Lego obsession and go build me a real house... ;-)

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