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Dartington Summer School

[ Dartington Hall | The Tilt Yard at Dartington | Tilt Yard slopes in sunshine ] Dartington Hall near Totnes in Devon hosts the Dartington International Summer School each July/August, a paradise of musical adventure.

[ Dartington Hall Tilt Yard | The Tilt Yard steps at Dartington Hall | Tilt Yard steps at Dartington Hall, Devon ]The Tilt Yard is just one amazing part of the beautiful grounds of the 1000 acre Dartington Estate managed by The Dartington Hall Trust. At the 1999 Summer School, we staged a performance here to mark the Total Solar Eclipse, with choir, brass and percussion on the slopes on three sides, to a gathered audience in the middle, before processing up to the hill nearby to watch the moon's shadow race across the Devon landscape and envelop us.

[ Performance of Kodaly's HARY JANOS in Dartington Hall ]A performance of Kodaly's "HARY JANOS" in the Great Hall at Dartington in August 2000.

[ The Ship Studio at Dartington ]The Ship Studio is another performance space at Dartington where some of my pieces were recorded and premiered. I love this room so much; it would make a fabulous place for my studio.

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