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A sane take on Intellectual Property

Ideas are free. There's no need to imprison them. Software patents, DRM, TrustedTreacherous Computing: they all exploit you and your rights, and threaten users of Free Software such as Linux. There have been moves by large companies to extend intellectual property laws and establish patents on ideas. The 21st Century no longer needs these old ways and obsolete business models just dreamed up to make a quick buck at our expense. You can still make money from Free culture, you just need to change your olde-world mindset.

[ Join the FSF Campaign Against DRM ]Copyright law originated in an age of physical artforms, where objects such as books, photographs, and audio-cassettes were the mediums, and were not easily reproducible. Today, digital data is effortlessly manipulated by electronic means, with no need for physical form until required by humans; this data is not a limited resource as it can easily be cloned or modified.

Publishing is evolving to meet this changing world of Free Culture. Recently licences such as the Design Science Licence, Free Art Licence and Creative Commons Licences have been developed for publishing works other than software with freedom for users to copy and modify, so long as the attribution integrity of a work is preserved. This concept of freedom of information is known as copyleft and is currently paving the way for new schools of economic and sociopolitical theories. The future promises to be very interesting...

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