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Lots of lovely Linux software:

[ Visit the Free Software Directory ]GNU/Linux Software

GNU Project (GNU's Not Unix) at the Free Software Foundation and their philosophy of freedom
GNU Parted (disk PARTition EDitor)
GNU GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader)
ROX Filer file manager (*rocks*)
LibreOffice (the new improved version of OpenOffice) is a fine Free & open replacement for MS Word, Excel, etc., with millions of users in many languages
Slashdot on The Antidesktop
evilwm is a minimalist window manager based on aewm which maximises screen real estate and provides good keyboard control
windowmaker is a lighter window manager than GNOME or KDE
Arachne graphical WWW Browser for DOS and Linux/SVGA (doesn't need X :-)
Text mode browsers include: w3m, ELinks (a development of links) and Lynx
Flite speech synthesis
Slashdot on Paul Graham's Plan for Spam (used by Bogofilter)
Etherboot and Linux Terminal Server Project for Remote X-Terminals on Diskless Workstations
memtest86 program to check for memory errors is reviewed at NewsForge
Eric's Linux page has lots of links

Graphics software

The GIMP rocks for photo editing
Blender is now Open Source :-)
POV-Ray (Persistence Of Vision Raytracer) and cool stuff using it
Terraform OpenGL landscapes (old)
Linux 3D software (old)
Graphics for the Web


Games I've been known to play (see also Vintage gaming on the Beeb)
OpenGL Elite (sadly seems no longer active, but Oolite is :-) recreates the classic Beeb game Elite
SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) games on Linux
Asteroids game for Java browsers
Slashdot on 2002 MiniGame Competition

Linux music software

My Music Computer runs Ardour, which is what captivated me into Linux Audio on first discovering it years ago. I'm no longer maintaining the rest of the Music Software links that used to be on this page since Dave Phillips' page pretty much says it all.

Linux music sites

Music Made with Linux
The OPEN SPACE Web Magazine
OpenMusic at LinuxTag
Laura Conrad's home page
Joseph Sarlo's PD music
Jim Peters' home page hosts the Binaural Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab
Edge Effect

Linux programming

Software Patents threaten the software industry
Books on programming - online and dead-tree versions
Adventures in Linux Programming
LPF (League for Programming Freedom)
Slashdot on Resume Tips For Jobs and more tips for Resume Writing before you goto GeekFinder


[ Hacker emblem ]Just for clarification, hacking is a benevolent, productive activity, such as computer programming, as opposed to cracking, which is destructive, malevolent and illegal, for example, breaking into a computer system remotely to steal information. Most of the mass media wrongly refer to crackers as hackers; for the real Truth about the hacker ethic, check out Eric S. Raymond's Hacker FAQ and Jargon File.

Zenatode's excellent Hacktivism pages
Hilarious /. pest posts (including Mouse Power!) on Using Your Computer to Repel Pests; see also Mouse Pad Couch
Slashdot on Chroot Jails Made Easy using the Jail Chroot Project
Slashdot on The Linux Beer Hike
Slashdot on the H2K2 Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference, including this comment about how to encrypt a laptop

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