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Mostly bad, I'm afraid...


What Actually Happened on September 11th and an update (18th April 2002) From The Wilderness
The Lie Won't Stand - Bush Administration Explanations for Pre-9-11 Warnings Fail the Smell Test. The same article at Guerrilla News Network
Noam Chomsky speaks
Invasion of East Timor by Indonesia
The Philippines
U.S. arms sales to Iraq
Israeli settlements
U.S. aid to Israel
U.S. blocks Israeli peace process
The cycle of violence
U.S. threatens nuclear strikes
Slashdot on U.S. plan to strike enemy with Valium
One man keeps anti-war protest going - this guy is hardcore; someone give him a Nobel peace prize!
121002: Bali is wounded
U.S. weapons secrets exposed - America (with British help!) is quietly developing chemical & biological weapons, including narcotic gases, biological cluster bombs, antibiotic-resistant anthrax and hallucinogenic weapons, violating international treaties and blocking weapons inspectors
Terrorist Training, American Style
Nerve gas inquest to be re-opened
Wheels Come Off U.S. War Plans for Iraq - "The Gulf region is bristling with U.S. troops and weaponry..."
Very Special Forces indeed... :-)


History behind the Twin Towers (large article with 1.75MB of JPEG images, but well worth reading)
History of Alamut
The Assassins
Gorazde: The Peacekeepers' Tale - what do you do when you find that you're in a minefield?


U.S. recession
Enron is just the tip of the iceberg
Enron in India
Bono speaks out at World Economic Forum
Hope's Edge - Solutions for a Small Planet on the Brink good positive article on how we can all make a difference
56.4% of Americans are overweight and 19.8% are categorized as obese
Number of babies born infected with HIV in South Africa each day: 1000.
Rising death rate from AIDS - both worldwide and in the UK
Colin Campbell on Oil - "In 100 years mankind has used half of all the oil on the planet. [...] At the current rate there would be only enough oil to sustain the planet for another 35 years under the best of scenarios."


U.S. shuts down
Meme Sex
Who needs TV when you have the World Wide Web?
Fragmented Attention Span
Truth is a Virus re: Billionaires For Bush Or Gore, Critical Mass, Reclaim The Streets, Earth Liberation Front, Adbusters.
The Selling of America - "We're the fish and propaganda is the water. We're in a surround-sound of language and image control."
Nuclear Renaissance or Nuclear Nightmare? - Bush's Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill told The Wall Street Journal, "If you set aside Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, the safety record of nuclear really is good."

Airline Security

Army patrol Heathrow amid growing threats of terrorism
Directed Stick Radiator
TASERs on United Airlines
Armed air marshals for UK flights
Britons warned to be 'extra vigilant' after aircraft bombing attempt
Journalists breach security at Stansted Airport and even smuggle weapons onto planes at Heathrow and Gatwick
Security at Heathrow Airport condemned by security expert and police chief following not one but TWO robberies
Slashdot on The Case of the Missing Rocket Belt
Man sues airline for losing wife (!)
Hunt the Boeing!
Shhhh! Our silent skies


Problems getting rid of nuclear waste?
Worried about public opinion?
Shoot it at your enemies...!

"Gee, look Mommy - this stuff glows in the dark!"
"Yes, Johnny. Now come back into the shelter at once."

NATO's "astonishing" radioactive weapons used by U.S. and Israeli forces contain Depleted Uranium which caused Leukemia in Iraq and even harms their own personnel. Civilians in the Gulf Region, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Kosovo have also been affected by the environmental damage caused in this new kind of nuclear war, the harmful effects of which are admitted by the U.S. government.

US targets nuclear reactor and violates the Geneva Convention
The Globalization of the Nuclear Power Industry
Women protest with their wombs
Czech Republic Enacts World's First National Light Pollution Law
Save water! Harvest rain! Every day we each flush about 45 litres of drinking water down the toilet.
Zambia rejects US GM aid amid fears of cross-contamination, quite rightly so, as scientists warn of GM crop dangers and 'GM seed spread'
GM trial ruined by rogue gene strain
Eco tax for the real cost of air travel
8 hours of air travel produces about 1 tonne of CO2 emissions (per person) - think before you fly: "Is it really necessary?"
Air Invasion of Hertfordshire
Luton Friends of the Earth
The way we will live in 2032 according to 1,100 world scientists for a UN report
Slashdot on the Larsen Ice Shelf collapsing - yes, that's 500000 million tonnes of ice, 200m thick and the size of Cambridgeshire (more detail at; the real consequences are only just coming to light
Slashdot on Monsanto PCB pollution
Slashdot on USPS Irradiated Letters
Slashdot on Ozone hole splits in two; see also Mini ozone holes over Europe pose growing health risk
Slashdot on 22lb Ice Blocks From the Sky; see also Things Falling From the Sky
Slashdot on Can Global Warming Trigger a 'Little Ice Age'?
1816, The Year Without a Summer
Is the Earth about to reverse its magnetic field?
Does the reversing of the Earth's magnetic field affect climate?
Weather Forecasts for UK
Climate Change
The Canary Is Drowning - Tuvalu is threatened by rising sea level
'No Littering' Plea Extended to Space Junkyard
Tech trash poisons Chinese villages; see also a more in-depth report from the Clean Computer Campaign, and now good news at last as China bans toxic PC waste imports, but sadly California has second thoughts on PC recycling
HP: Don't trash that old computer
The Waste Book - a free guide to recycling and sustainable waste management
Hardcore Waste Recycling - The Humanure Handbook ;-)
The Green Oscars
Join the GreenPeace CyberActivist Community - regular updates on ecological issues, plus ways to make your voice heard online
ExxonMobil busted by Greenpeace Global Warming Crimes Unit - Global HQ Shut Down Day Before Annual Meeting
ExxonMobil to be held to account for environmental costs (about time!)
Greenpeace 1, Esso 0 :-)
Weather of mass destruction bigger threat than terrorism - a global warming red alert from The World Bank and The Pentagon
The oceans are full of plastic particles - Plastic enters the food chain. Hmmm, seafood...


"All your data (and biz plans) are belong to Microsoft"
Slashdot on Hotmail: Not Safe For Work?
Slashdot on Microsoft Opts-In Hotmail Users
Slashdot on 80% Of Incoming E-mail At Hotmail Is Spam
Slashdot on WindowsXP insecurities
Slashdot on Microsoft Media Player "Security Patch" which changes the End User Licence Agreement big time
Slashdot on Microsoft Longhorn - their next operating system will be a radical change from XP
Slashdot on Microsoft discrediting Linux :-(
Halloween Documents at Open Source Initiative (leaked MS documents)
Slashdot on Intel building DRM into new CPUs and (*cough* *spit*) Microsoft Palladium
MS 'Software Choice' scheme is a clever fraud - so give software users a Sincere Choice instead
MS monopolises world economy
Villaneuva's Letter to MS Peru
eBlaster for Windows email monitoring software (!)
Reasons to avoid Microsoft

Linux is a better OS! ;-)

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