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I love Free SoftwareFree Software

What is GNU/Linux? and Copyleft
Why Software Should Be Free - Richard Stallman interviewed by BBC, and his book Free As In Freedom
Why Linux?
GNU Project (GNU's Not Unix) at the Free Software Foundation (also in Europe India and Latin America) and their philosophy of freedom
GNU General Public License and definition of free software
GNU Free Documentation Licence
Free Software Magazine had a nice article in Issue 3 on How Free Software Pays My Bills
Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting Rights in the Digital Age
Eurolinux petition against software patents and UK Patent Office
A reading list on the Open Source Movement mentions Open Source Software Use Within UK Government
Free Software licensing quiz - test your knowledge of the GPL
Slashdot on A New Model For Software Innovation (GPL article)
Slashdot on New MP3 License Terms Demand $0.75 Per Decoder and An Open Thank-You Letter from CEO, Foundation (Ogg Vorbis)
Your Machines is a series of hands-on workshops introducing Free Open Source Software

Debian GNU/Linux - the universal operating system

[ Debian GNU/Linux ]The Debian Project is an association of more than thousand Free Software developers from all over the world who volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely free operating systems Debian GNU/Linux. Debian's dedication to Free Software, its non-profit nature, and its open development model make it unique.

The following links are all olde...

Joey's Tour of the Debian 4.0 CDs and Constantly Usable Testing ;-)
Debian CD vendors in UK and Debian CD covers
Debian Wiki
Debian HELP
Debian Documentation Project User Manuals
Debian GNU/Linux SysAdmin Manual - Backup and Restore
Debian GNU/Hurd microkernel alternative to the Linux kernel
Debian floppy disk installation of base system
Linux X-terminal Details for Debian
Drew Daniels on Debian backups with cruft
Slashdot on the Linux Cookbook Debian galore

Linux, The Kernel

Kernel Traffic - Linux Kernel Mailing List weekly digest
The Linux Kernel Archives
BCG/OSDN KernelMapper
How do I build a Linux kernel?
Why We Should All Test the New Linux Kernel
Using Test Suites to Validate the Linux Kernel
Robert Love explains Variable HZ
Slashdot on new 2.4-mjc pe/RT tree (pre-emptible Real-Time kernel)
Slashdot on Arcangeli's new Linux VM implementation
Slashdot on XFS kernel hacker Keith Owens
Slashdot on UNIX Process Cryogenics
Slashdot on major Linux/Athlon AGP bug
tomsrtbt and HAL91 - complete Linux systems on a floppy disk: very cool and useful for resurrecting system crashes
FlightLinux - open source Linux Operating System for onboard spacecraft use
Slashdot on GNU/Hurd Gets POSIX Threads
Towards a New Strategy of OS Design - Trent Fisher on The Hurd

JA: How close now would you estimate the GNU/Hurd is for another official release?
Neal Walfield: Getting closer everyday. In fact, I hope that by this time in October, we will be a whole month closer. ;-)

Help For Newbies

NewbieDoc - intros BY newbies FOR newbies
CLI for noobies
Basic Command Reference for UNIX/Linux
Jeanette Russo's Linux Newbie Information with cute penguin
Online Troubleshooting Resources HOWTO
The INQUIRER guide to installing Linux
comp.os.linux newsgroup

Linux Documentation

Linux Documentation Project home page - all you need to know
LDP Getting Started and System Administrator's Guide
LDP index of HOWTO documents as single HTML pages (essential browser bookmark)
Linux UK
Linux User
Linux Format
Linux Magazine
Linux Journal
Linux-Tested a resource for (mainly visual) artists using Linux - the Embedded Linux Portal
One-Page Linux Manual
Open Linux books online
O'Reilly & Associates Openbook Project
Rik van Riel's Web page about Linux memory management & performance tuning
Mailing List ARChives at AIMS (lots & lots of them)
Loads Of Linux Links

Frequently Asked Questions

Another Linux FAQ at CafeComputer
BASH Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Open Source
GNU/Linux in Science and Engineering
GNU General Public License FAQ
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (from which many of the links on this page are borrowed)
Lots of FAQs on many different subjects
Technical FAQ for Linux Users - Transitioning from Windows to Linux
XTERM Frequently Asked Questions

Buy a laptop with Linux and CoreBoot pre-installed

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