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Here are my public Amazon Wishlists.

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...old friends

Where are you now?

Yes, I could join FriendsReunited (well, not any more!), but I thought it'd be funnier if you found your name here from an internet search. Miss you guys :-) Get in touch!


I'm looking for players in Herts/Beds/Bucks to rehearse a few one-off projects:

I'm also auditioning musicians with open ears in the Milton Keynes/Aylesbury area who are into Zeuhl and progressive musics. As well as working on my own recording projects, I'd like to form a band to write and record new and unique music (start our own new genre?!?), and maybe one day perform if that ends up being possible. Players should hopefully (but not necessarily) read music, and be able to play by ear, ideally classically trained or self-taught, yet needn't be virtuosi (I'm certainly not!). It's more important to be able to groove along nicely and spark off good ideas in an organic fashion where the music dictates where it wants to go. Most vital is that people are on my wavelength on a personal level and can get along with my ways of working. The optimum line-up would be a sextet (or maybe a quintet or septet), and I'd like a nicely harmonised balance of fe+male energies. I already have a few friends in mind as a rhythm section of electric bass, drums, and maybe cello, plus I'll play keys+percussion, but we still seek:

Ideally, as well as their main instrument(s), most of the band should do backing vocals and/or extra percussion as needed. Drop me a line if you're interested.

...audio gear

I am seeking the following equipment secondhand, and can travel anywhere in England/Wales/Scotland to collect (or if necessary I'd also consider getting the latter three shipped from overseas, as they weren't made in Britain, so are more commonly found abroad).


  1. Feedback FS502 Frequency Sweeper - test gear with a cream fascia in a blue chassis about 15x25x12cm, made in England by Feedback Instruments
  2. Focusrite ISA110LE (Focusrite ISA 110 Limited Edition) - blue/grey 1U rackmount mono microphone preamplifier with EQ
  3. Bruel & Kjaer 5612 Spectrum Shaper - 5" high 17" wide box with pale green fascia and 36 sliders on the front
  4. Brüel & Kjær AO0065 24-pin control cable for connection between my 2130 and 4710 units (in B&K 3347 Analyzer)
  5. Teisco ST-60Y keyboard stand for my S-60F Synthesizer

Cash waiting - please email me photos; value depends on condition (both functional and aesthetic) and whether it can be demonstrated working or is otherwise sold as untested.

...other things

...a new job

2023-02-18: Following years of crushing government cuts on education funding, my main income source of teaching music in schools is sadly no longer viable. So I am currently seeking employment, ideally in a post that makes good use of my skills, either in music, management, or computing in Linux environments (not Microsoft Windows, nor Apple, nor smartphone, nor social media platforms).

I live near Aylesbury and hold a clean UK Driving Licence so can travel in Buckinghamshire to Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, Bicester, or further afield if necessary. I am also open to relocating: see below for potential locations, or I'd even consider German-speaking countries. Please see my CV for a list of my skills and experience.

...a new home

I have outgrown my current space, so am looking for a new place to live and work on my music, which can house my studio and large collection of musical instruments.

Finding myself currently at a crossroads in life, without work or partner, I am not especially rooted to any particular place, other than my friends and immediate circle near Aylesbury, whom I would miss dearly, but since Buckinghamshire is now very expensive, I have to remain open to the idea of moving to other areas, if I can't find anywhere suitable here, much as I got pushed further north from Hertford to Hitchin and thence to Bedford. I've set up Rightmove searches covering all of England and Wales, bar South East England as I have no wish to be near or south/east of the bottomless money pit of London, and I watch what comes onto the market each day. Favourite places that my soul longs for would be the Llyn Peninsula in North West Wales, The Forest Of Bowland near Lancaster, also Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Wales, as well as West Cornwall and Devon (although they too may now have become gentrified beyond recognition). Obviously moving faraway would make the military operation involved in moving all my gear, music library and archives even harder, so that is another reason to stay local if possible.

I am a non-smoker without pets or children. Please contact me if you know of anywhere that might meet my admittedly rather niche needs:




Not needed:

I once dreamt I was teaching African drumming workshops at some educational/business/community/cultural/artistic/historic institution in a large premises. They liked what I did so much that they let me live on site for a very reasonable rent, so I could continue my work there, residing in modest living quarters which happened to include a large hall for my Music Room. (-: This would be the best outcome... ;-)

Another ideal situation would be to hear by word of mouth about someone who knows someone with a large country property for rent, thus avoiding the hassle of involving estate agents. (This is what happened when I moved to Michael's Folly.) I can pay a year's rent upfront if that helps.

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