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Not a page about that fine record label, but a list of my favourite records (all LPs unless stated) :

* Electronic, Experimental, Zeuhl, RIO, Progressive and Ambient musics are available at the world's best record shops: Ultima Thule in Leicester and ReR Megacorp online.
+ House music is available at HardWax in Berlin and Sister Ray in London.
Reggae is available from Pressure Sounds, and Diverse Vinyl specialise in vinyl of all genres.
See also this archived page of Walking Tour of Speciality Record Stores in and around Soho, but many may have closed down now.
And while we're talking about buying albums, my Amazon Wishlist is mostly CDs.

This page is only the very best of my extensive collection (bold links are my own pages), and newest additions are also listed here. See also my Desert Island Discs shortlist (the creme of this page), my Fantasy Top 40 pop songs and my Mentors. I've tried to limit it to only one album per artist, with a few exceptions; some genre-crossing composers appear in different categories. One day I'll make a list of all of my records like I once had, and eventually, a database of the finest recordings I've heard - on radio, online and elsewhere - a repertoire of music worth keeping...


See also A Concert of Spiritual Piano Music



See also A Concert of Mystical Chamber Music




The Zeuhl school developed from the epic space jazz rock idiom begun by Magma, featuring some of France's greatest musicians.


(RIO = Rock In Opposition, nothing to do with Brazil)








See also Classic Acid House on YouTube

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