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64 Studio

Tags: Music, Studio, Computers

After weeks of reading and building up my knowledge, I managed to upgrade my music studio computer's obsolete software to its successor, 64 Studio, a Custom Debian Distribution tuned for production-quality audio and multimedia work. Despite some puzzles, it worked, and I now have an operational studio at last. I'm still figuring out the details, such as how best to connect up my HDSP soundcard to my audio converters and mixer.

This is the major event of the year for me, enabling me to start digitising my vast archive of recordings and putting the best online (I'll include links from here as they appear). I can also begin new projects, now that multichannel recording and mixing is a reality, although how complex I can get without upgrading the olde hardware remains to be seen; I have my work cut out for the next year or so anyway.

Of course, this won't all happen overnight, as there is much to learn in mastering the new tools. Expect all other activities in my life to take a backseat from now on while I concentrate my efforts on my new family.

[UPDATE: when the distro later became Ubuntu-based, I migrated to the wonderful aptosid flavour of Debian 'sid' GNU/Linux.]


Lucky you

Tags: Pro

You are lucky, Dear Reader. We are blessed to inhabit a special part of our universe. Our domain is just beginning to undergo a considerable period of positive growth on many fronts simultaneously. You may have stumbled onto this page quite by chance, or may have been drawn here unconsciously, or may even be a regular Reader. Whatever: no matter. We all share a common link in that we are all about to blossom, in our careers, in our artistic and personal lives, and our spiritual pathways will all suddenly open up in new and never-before conceived dimensions. All our hard work of recent years is coming to fruition now and will pay off a thousand-fold. Enjoy it :-)


Classic Acid House on YouTube

Tags: Music

As a follow-up to last month's African drumming+dance footage, here are some classic house music records. These tunes still rock today, twenty years on (feeling old now!). Having been there back in the day, it was an amazing time, and hearing these tracks makes me want to start spinning again. Since I'm lucky enough to own a few of these classic house records, I do feel it is sort of my duty to keep people's ears and minds open.

OK, perusing some of Mr. Park's recommendations, I need to share these - not acid, but cool:

Gonna build me some proper house music all of my own real soon now...

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