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Looking for a new home

Tags: Studio, Places

Alas, my landlord has decided to sell up, so I have to move house again; here are my requirements for a new place to live.


How to fix our broken world

Tags: Arts, Pro, Politics, Computers

Today I heard an insightful description of what's broken with the world, along with a fix, in fact, a fix so easy that we can all help. At the end of his description of their (cool) prototype Fully-Immersive 3D Volumetric Projector, Marc S. Ressl describes in simple terms the state of the old world of me-first consumerist gluttony, and leads us (by example) into the new world of co-operation:

Finally we'd like to discuss as to why we are opening this up. The answer is actually very simple: because we have the power to do so. The world is not in a good shape, and we believe there is a problem with power. There is imbalance with giving and receiving. We would like to add our 2 cents, by showing that things can be done differently, that there is a way of giving things that benefits both the giver and the receiver. That's why we are offering our consulting services to anybody who is interested in pursuing this endeavour.

Finally, a philosophical note: never forget - you have power, and the enemy of this power of yours is fear. That's why we are constantly bombarded with bad news, that's why accepting things you don't like is giving away your power. We believe it is a good time to change things in the world, and we know you can be part of that. Also, do not use your power in an evil way; you can be assured evil things will come out. Use your power with goodness, and we will live in a world where our grandchildren will be happy to live in. So, we hope that this project will crystalise soon, and that all the changes that are happening in the world will not lead to an evil outcome. You can be part of good change. Don't forget."

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