The Smith's Journal - July 2011

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Life and Love is sweet! :-)

Tags: Drumming, Misc

Wow! I am a very happy man, having found my beloved and tonight declared my love for her! Her name is Chrissie Louise and she is a healer and a cutely crafty wise woman - check her website of Wild Peace. We'd been drumming together in Justine's drumming group for many moons before it dawned on me that I was falling for her charms. After stalking courting her at ABC and Waddesdon, I wrote her a song (and a piano piece entitled Wild Peace) and finally found a magical moonlit moment to tell her my feelings which were thankfully reciprocated :-)

We would both like to report that LIFE HAS SUDDENLY BECOME REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!... :-)

How I wish I could build yew a splendid palace to show my love for yew...

UPDATE 2015-08-14: After four happy years together Chrissie and I have mutually decided to part as lovers but remain friends, with love, honour, and respect for each other. While we have a lot in common we feel we're too different to stay together.

We're understandably sad but doing OK, and I am plunging myself into practising my piano and working on my music, enjoying today's New Moon energy as a good time for embarking on new paths. Life is still really, really good and all the richer for having met her. We still meet up as friends and work together drumming and singing and on her website.

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