Vitae Drummers

HARTBEATS African drumming group in High Wycombe and near Aylesbury

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Justine Hart offers quality teaching in West African drumming on djembes and dun duns, as well as dance and song.

[ Vitae Drummers performing at The Chiltern Show ]

We play drum rhythms from Senegal, Gambia and Guinea that Justine has learned from Mamady Keita and other master drummers. The players range in ability from beginners to advanced intermediates, and our many recent public appearances were warmly received.

I first discovered the group back in April 2005, and am now a keen dun dun player after attending the Winterdrum event that the unstoppable Justine had organised. She has subsequently visited The Strawbale Studio for a session there.

[ Vitae Drummers djembes at Prestwood Fete ]

[ Vitae drummers and dancers at Waddesdon Manor ]

[ Vitae Drummers performing at Wycombe Arts Festival ]

Future Performances

Past Performances

[ Justine clapping with Vitae Drummers | Anthony and Malc playing dun duns at Prestwood Fete | Vitae Drummers djembes at Prestwood Fete ]

[ Vitae Drummers ]

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