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Hugin talk at HertsLUG

Tags: Computers

Once more I packed up my computer and took it to HertsLUG, to give a talk about creating panoramic photos with Hugin. I also demo'ed my first two CGI movies which I'd made solely with The GIMP, but these are not yet ready for PrimeTime viewing :-)


Unlocking the box

Tags: Music, Drumming, Studio

OK, here we are. A new production line is starting up in my musical factory. After many years I have opened the Pandora's Box that is my archive of multitrack tape recordings: a large wooden box jam packed with tapes of various bands and projects I worked on from my college days back in 1991 until 2000 (when I began recording to DAT instead of multitracking). Realising how simple it is to listen to them at home, now that I have hifi speakers in both Piano Room and Bowl Room, I can easily enjoy revisiting this wealth of diverse musics, which range from manic drum jams to cosmic synth journeys to experimental acoustic free improv. I'm going to fall in love all over again with the best of them and that will give me the impetus to bring the best ones into the digital domain. [I will update this page as pieces get mastered and released.]

Right now I'm revelling in some awesome ambient mixes by DJ Spock, sadly unlikely to be released until next century due to copyright, but do come and visit me to listen...

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