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Monthly geek-outs in Stevenage

[ Hacker emblem ]For many years I attended the monthly meetings of the very jolly Hertfordshire Linux Users' Group. I'd been going on and off since 2004 when our humble beginnings started out meeting up in a horrid local pub. We soon got sick of loud muzak and drunken fools, so instead hired Shephall Community Centre for our meetings until 2012. We were lucky to have wifi access there, which was used to give demos and brief talks on various subjects ranging from robots to recording. I've given a few other talks, about:

In May 2009 I also went to the one and only recent meeting of LUST, but that mailing list is mostly dormant. One day it would be good to get involved with bedsLUG and the Milton Keynes LUG too.

[UPDATE: I stopped going over to Stevenage when I moved house too faraway to make it and the venue changed to another pub.]

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