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Moving house

Tags: Studio, Places, Misc

Yay! After six months of searching, I finally found a new home. It's near Leighton Buzzard so I can be closer to Chrissie, yet still not be too far from my drumming work around Herts, Beds and Bucks - here are my new contact details. As usual I can't divulge the precise address online but it's so lovely I can barely speak! It'll obviously take me a long time to get the new place sorted. Moving my record library, musical instruments and computers is a massive process in itself, let alone moving home as well. In addition, my studio will take some time to set up again, but the new design will be awesome!

While moving out of my old house, I saw not one black cat but three black kittens who all walked across my driveway before frolicking in the field, thus paving the way for a lucky exit and smooth transition to my new abode. I stood watching them for some minutes, enjoying the wilderness like tigers :-) I'll surely miss the tranquility of this amazing place, but the future is even better!

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