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Studio gear I use

[Note: these listed below are not for sale, but see also Gear For Sale and Sold Gear lists, and Gear Lust]


...are listed on the Instruments page.


Mic stands


[For now, these racks correspond to 2011's setup. I'll update the new rack layout when new pics get added...]

[ Blue rack in September 2010: Sony SRP-L200, CLM DB8000s, Funk Logic Palindrometer, Waldorf MicroWave, Lexicon Super Prime Time ]Rack 1 (preamps - 14U blue+black)

Rack 2 (digital/patchbay - 12U black)

UFO rack in September 2010: CZ101, cable tester, dbx, TC 2240HS, Eventide H949, Urei 565T |Rack 3 (UFO - 11U black)

[ Beige rack in September 2010 on Habitat Tech Trolley ]Rack 4 (MIDI - 10U beige)

[ APS Aeon and BCR2000 atop Sony reverbs ]Rack 5 (reverbs - 2U black/blue)

It's only a matter of time before Rack 5 gets combined with Rack 6 and maybe one day evolves into some kind of live effects rack, with a rackmounted mixer on top for stage usage...

[ Roland JX-3P with Sony DPS-R7, dbx 363X, Lexicon Vortex ]Rack 6 (FX - 3U black/red/blue)

Other gear acquired since this 2011 setup pictured

That is a total of twenty-two oscillators so far! Just wait until I get some photos up of this mission control centre! [Some finally entered the editing stage, but then more magical things were incoming, so I waited a little longer... And now tragically, for the time being my camera is dead.]


After years without a viable multitrack (apart from my old 4-track) I finally began recording audio direct to computer in 2009. The following year I embarked on a vast climb up a massive mountain of DAT tapes, many of which are now happily gathered together on computer, and some are being released online as time allows.


[ More photos of the new studio computer ]Custom-built six-core high-efficiency silent AMD Phenom II workstation with 16GB ECC RAM, SSD, etc. (full specs) plus:


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