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We love studio gear panoramas

[ Central studio view behind mix position ]

[ Wide angle panorama with phat-fingered Jupiter ]

[ Sunny studio | 180' studio panorama from window to doorway | Sunlit studio DAT desk ]

The studio remains mostly in its 2009 configuration, which is good ergonomically and aesthetically but makes it hard to access rear panels. A few new items have inevitably appeared, so the main racks have been reorganised to accomodate the beginnings of a patchbay.

[ Blue rack in September 2010: Sony SRP-L200, CLM DB8000s, Funk Logic Palindrometer, Waldorf MicroWave, Lexicon Super Prime Time | Patchbay in September 2010: HDSP, CZ101, PDU, ARC32, CPX16, CPU16, A/D, dbx 160A, TC D2, M1-XL | UFO rack in September 2010: CZ101, cable tester, dbx, TC 2240HS, Eventide H949, Urei 565T | Patchbay closeup in September 2010: PDU, ARC32, CPX16, CPU16 | dbx 563X, 463X, 166, 363X | TC 2240HS, Eventide H949, Urei 565T | Sony SRP-L200, CLM DB8000s, Funk Logic Palindrometer | CLM DB8000s and Funk Logic Palindrometer closeup | Beige rack in September 2010 on Habitat Tech Trolley | DAT editing desk | Sunlit Jupiter-6 and rack portrait | The blue corner | Sontronics Helios mic in front of records (=diffusors) | APS Aeon and BCR2000 atop Sony reverbs | APS Aeon, BCR2000, Soundcraft Spirit Studio LC 16:8:2, Frontier Tranzport | Mental peace ]

Furniture is still lo-tech DIY: desks mounted on storage units containing music manuscripts and folders. Main monitors sit upon superdense stands made of piles of Sound On Sound and Audio Media magazines :-) The mini-monitors moved into the office for superior sound in there too. The vinyl collection on the rear wall follows Brian Eno's advice to "utilise the storage as diffusors", with large cushions and duvets in the corners acting as primitive bass traps to help the acoustics (more will be added eventually). I can't hang anything from the walls/ceiling as this is a rented property, but I am exploring creative solutions such as a duvet hung over a tall plank of wood propped against the wall, and hanging theatre drapes on a curtain pole high up between two Ikea CD shelves, to acoustically match the window curtains on the other side of the room. Even as it stands now, the room actually sounds quite good: nice and tight but not too dead.

The Casio VZ1 is on long-term loan to a friend, and the SQ80 was away with my tech having its battery replaced, so missed these photos. While without my MIDI master keyboard I seized the opportunity to get busy in other ways: my desk is seen here covered in DAT tapes while I mined the archives. And because one can never have too many pictures of this most photogenic of synths, here is the Roland JX-3P (on an X keyboard stand) in the red corner with a growing collection of red friends perched on the vintage Tech computer desk from Habitat c.1985.

[ Roland JX-3P portrait | Roland JX-3P with matching red+blue+green rack gear | Roland JX-3P with Sony DPS-R7, dbx 363X, Lexicon Vortex | Roland JX-3P with PG200 programmer | Roland JX-3P and PG200 with Spock above rack | Spock portrait above Roland JX-3P and rack on Tech computer desk from Habitat ]

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