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Music page and article on Mathematics of the Western music scale from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[linux-audio-user] tuning freaks
Just Intonation network
Studio J use MIDI bending to change the temperament (I wish I could change my temperament that easily :-)
The Acoustical Society of America have some interesting sounds (lo-fi, in .au format), including Shepard's Discrete Scale and Risset's Continuous Scale used to show Circularity in Pitch Judgement
Extremes of Conventional Music Notation


Ethan Winer's excellent FAQ about Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
Improving Studio Acoustics
There's life above 20kHz!
Campanella Acoustics articles and Acoustics FAQ
Acoustics of the ear
British Tinnitus Association
Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre, London UK
Flute acoustics and The Virtual Boehm Flute
Science in search of the low rumble
'Silent' concert causes mood swings
Noise Net - Fast Noise and Vibration Information in the UK
EarthEar - environmental sound
Acoustic Ecology - wildlands issues


[ Drumming is fun! ]Drumming Is Fun! African drum workshops and performance with a smile :-)
Me drumming in Senegal
My drumming journal
Secret Bass
Vitae Drummers
The Canopus Percussion Ensemble
Canopus Drums - custom drum kits
Latin Percussion, Inc endorse Afro/Cuban Percussionist Craig Morrison
Remo Tubano drums - I have two of these, they sound sweet!
Dun duns - African bass drums
Jim's Notes: A course in drumming
CongaPlace - World of Congas & Percussion
Garden Guest House in The Gambia - West African drum tuition available from local teachers
Mbilla Arts - African dance, djembe teaching and reskinning in North London
Ghana Goods - an excellent West African drum shop in Bristol
Knock On Wood - global music suppliers in Yorkshire
West African Percussive Terminology
Tempometers which flash instead of click
Schlagwerk make pentatonic Log Drums, beautiful chimes and the Marimbula


My own instruments
Trevor Pinnock on Buying a harpsichord
Flemish 17th Century 'Mother & Child' Virginals
Pedal Harpsichord and Clavicytherium (vertical harpsichord!)
Lego harpsichord :-)
The Singing Bowls of Tibet and an introduction to Singing Bowls inspired me to get some of my own
Elemental Design - unique Mallet Percussion
Exotic Guitars
Hobgoblin Music sell new and second hand Folk and Celtic instruments
Native American Indian flute makers in UK

The Industry

Making Money From Music
Courtney Love on record companies
Steve Albini on The Problem With Music
Negativland Intellectual Property Links
Walking Tour of Speciality Record Stores in and around Soho
Akbar & Jeff's Compact Disk Hut ;-)
Two in a Bar Rule - UK Government plans to outlaw live music :-(

Electronic Music

My own electronic music
Electronic Music Foundation
Electronic Music Directory
Brian Eno on Koan
circonium : music - the sound of berlin

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