Drumming in Senegal

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Studying with West African masters

The Senegalese village of Abene is home to many master drummers, griots and drumming schools. Here's what I got up to while I was out there.

[ A master craftsman making a djembe | Me holding my newly purchased drum | Magi, dun dun goddess of Manding Kaira | Justine and Appai dancing beneath palm tree | Justine and Appai levitating beneath palm tree | Malo's posse of drummers | Me with Malo's posse of drummers ]

[ Malo's drum class under the shade of a large mango tree | Malo's dun dun posse | Justine, Malo and Appai | Malo's drum class | Appai teaching his dance class ]

[ Jean-Marie Keita, master drum teacher | Drumming with Jean-Marie Keita | Jean-Marie's drum class | Me playing dun duns | Justine studying djembe with Jean-Marie Keita | Dun duns in the courtyard ]

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