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A musical paradise

Abene is a large West African village on the Atlantic coast, which has become renowned for its music. Many visitors come to study music with the masters, which is why I went there.

[ African sunset on our first night arriving in Abene | The track from Cassiopeia to the village | The creek approaching Cassiopeia | Papaya tree with distant vultures perched atop | Man climbing up a palm tree | Insect ]

[ Le Belles Etoiles drum school | The fabulous gardens at Kossey | A path through the gardens at Kossey | Colourful flowers at Kossey (dancers in background) | Lizard on a wall ]

[ Philosopher sculptures for sale in Laye's shop | Afro Couture - Lamin the tailor's gate | Lamin the tailor in his garden workshop | Lamin with Justine in his splendid garden | Justine at Lamin the tailor's house | Justine outside La Belle Rose restaurant | Justine beside a bamboo tree | Nyakas and Justine ]

[ The Big Tree in the distance (unable to fit in the frame any closer!) | Duncan and Justine investigate The Big Tree | The Big Tree (note size of people!) | Duncan and Laye in The Big Tree | Duncan and Laye within The Big Tree | Boys up The Big Tree | Boy up The Big Tree | Smiling boy up The Big Tree | Justine surrounded by children at the foot of The Big Tree ]

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