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Night and daytime studio gear shots

[ Nebulous glow above spaceship console |

Night time LED view | Night time LED view | Closer rack LED view | LED motion blur during warp drive | Laser fire gracing the ship's hull ]

My new deep space studio outpost is located in a remote region of space where physical laws are beginning to break down. Our sensitive measuring equipment is studying the strange phenomena we find here, while we happily make cosmic music. We are quite near to an optical pulsar, which occasionally causes energy fluctuations and strange time distortions as you can see here. Luckily the only audible effects on my recordings are a valve-like warming and expansive cosmic reverberations. The following roll of photos actually date from 2004 but got stuck in a Moebius Temporal Anomaly and were delayed by five years while the data was rerouted via subspace channels. After processing the data into human-viewable form using The GIMP, we are glad to bring you these rare images of gravity waves and supernova activity now that they have finally emerged from their long transit time through the Interstellar Low Ways.

[ Swirling pulsar emissions | Look into my eyes... You are feeling sleepy... | Dancing pulsar | Temporal shift from 2048 to 2058 | Gravity waves ]

Perhaps you can identify the equipment above by its LED footprint? Below you can see it better, lit by a nearby star as we passed by.

[ Racks over Jupiter, with Frontier Tranzport | Lexicon M97, CLM DB8000s, Palindrometer, Microwave, Jupiter-6 | Blue rack | Digital rack | UFO rack ]
[ APS Aeon, Frontier Tranzport, Palmer cable tester, Sony reverbs and Spirit mixer | Mixer and blue rack | The blue corner | Sony reverbs on Casio VZ1 synth | Magic silicon beads ]
[Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 in good company with Lexicon M97 | Shiny Sonys MU-R201 + DPS-R7 with Lexicon M97 | Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 with Lexicon M97 and little fluffy clouds | Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 buttonscape | Fizzy green magic (fizz edited with The GIMP) ]
[ Roland JX-3P under Spock portrait on Tech computer desk | Telefunken TD26 mic, APS Aeon, synths | APS Aeon, Fostex PM0.5, Casio VZ1, Philip Rees C16, DELL keyboard | Fostex PM0.5, Eizo L685s, Casio VZ1, Philip Rees C16 | Main workstation | Akai rack under desk | Beige rack ]

Due to constrained internal dimensions of my craft, this new room is not quite large enough, so I am trying to optimise use of  s p a c e.  Having the mixer in a corner is not ideal but allows better access to synths and rackmount gear. I prefer commonly-used racks to be at operator height rather than down low as is current control room fashion (only on Earth though) forcing you to sit on the floor. I'd rate ergonomics as more important than any slight acoustic issues caused by reflections off gear, which are inescapable in a control room unless you don't have a console, etc. Obviously when given the chance I normally choose to work naked in an anechoic chamber...

The less-used beige rack (MIDI patchbays, DAT, PDU) is under the desk on a vintage 1980's Habitat Tech trolley which can be wheeled out for rear cable access. Access is, however, a major problem for the main racks which are very hard to reach behind; the lower ones are inaccessible without deinstalling. For this reason, I've been planning a new layout with better access and a large central patchbay; this will take up more space in the room, thus allowing for less dancing groupies, but better engineer workflow :-)

Ensoniq SQ80

[ Ensoniq SQ80 front view |  Ensoniq SQ80 rear view |  Ensoniq SQ80 left side view |  Ensoniq SQ80 right side view |  Santa came early :) |  Ensoniq SQ80 with Christmas trees ]

[ Ensoniq SQ80 synth ]

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