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The start of the studio Gear Acquisition Syndrome...

[ Court Cottage medieval studio | Upstairs in Court Cottage | Medieval timbers meets hi-tech | Hifi, FX rack, mixer, workstation ]

Urei 565 Filter Set under Eventide H949 | dbx 363X+166, TC2240HS | FX rack | Demudi GNU/Linux digital audio workstation ]

This olde room was a lovely place to be aesthetically, with the wonderful high ceiling and curious crooked angles. But it left a lot to be desired acoustically, being right beside the busy main village street, and more annoyingly, having noisy neighbours just the other side of a paper-thin "wall" through which one could hear conversations!

As you can see, after many frugal years of saving hard-earned money from my day job, the G.A.S. has begun. The rack gear is expanding and spreading out, although I'm still monitoring through my hifi, but it's only a matter of time...

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