Ululating Feedback Occultifier

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[ Ululating Feedback Occultifier front panel ]

The Ululating Feedback Occultifier is a mega-processor assembled to develop Eve's cosmic powers to produce hyperdimensional thrust enabling transgalactic warp.

[ Ululating Feedback Occultifier close-up ]The process uses an effects send from the mixer which is routed through comprehensive EQ and filtering (superseding Eve's own Treble and Bass controls) before a compressor/limiter (dbx 166 or Sony SRP-L200) on Eve's input to prevent distortion. The Delay output is sent to a separate mixer channel which can then be fed back into the effects send circuit again, to create cosmic space echoes with less risk of blowing the place up when the process goes into sudden meltdown. Here's a rough ASCII-art diagram. Using the sensitive notch filters and large accurate dials of the UREI 565 enables precise control of frequency rejection and boost to facilitate descent and levitation with greater accuracy, and hopefully reduce pilot deaths and proton beam accidents caused by earlier prototypes.

[UPDATE 2010-01-08: The complex cable routing required is nearing completion and we hope to be online before the LHC destroys the earth.]

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