The Umpteenth Peace In Nature Walk [POSTPONED]

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Greetings Flower Children,

Bluebell Woods on Quiet Lane ] [ Bluebell Woods on Quiet Lane near Welwyn |You are yet again cordially invited to join us for the umpteenth Peace In Nature Walk, entitled "BLUE BELLS IN PARADISE", which was originally going to be held at 3pm on Sunday 21st May 2006, but was postponed due to bad weather. Following years I was elsewhere, so it's been put back another year to a Saturday in early May 2009 when the bluebells should be in full bloom (I missed 2007 because they peaked early due to the warm winter). If you can't make this date, but are still keen to see them, then perhaps we can go another day or early evening before that date (the bluebells won't last much longer) - let me know by phone or email. There are a number of fine bluebell woods to choose from: near Welwyn (right), Offley, and Hitchin (pictured below). There are also some stunning woods at Ashridge which you can walk right into (pictures still to be scanned) but this often gets busy with people - other sites are more tranquil.

Bluebell Woods near Offley ] [ Bluebell Woods near Offley at dusk |This enchanting Walk commemorates four years since the very first time I discovered the Big Bluebell Wood, and longed to show it to everyone. Alas, the flowers only last a while and we ran out of time, so I vowed to return... The Offley route follows the path of the first Walk through physical Space, albeit at a different Time in the calendar. You'll be wanting to attend wearing hues of blue and purple for any photographs. Story-telling and acapella singing will keep us entertained.

Children and dogs are welcome and encouraged, so long as they can go the distance and survive without too much whining and dining.

Completing this journey will add the following points: (where n=number of participants)

These points may be used in future drumming and life events.

Please register your interest by phone or email . If you can't make this occasion, but are still interested, there will be many future outings, taking in other beautiful places off the beaten track which I've found during my travels around Herts, Beds and Bucks.

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