[ X-ray of mangled limbs ]


Abandon all hope ye who enter here...

You have been sent here as a result of your sins on Earth, or perhaps you are just visiting and have been directed here from a referring web page; if so, escape quickly while you still can...

[ Mutant spermatozoa to impregnate you with demons ]

[ Headless guard dog, will rip you to pieces with its claws... ]

This is a grim place for the scum of the Earth. In here you will find sorry tales of woe regarding:

Vast torture chambers of ceaseless agony are created herein to punish the evils of past lives. The bloodcurdling screams echo around and terrify even the boldest of spirits. There is no way out, other than to repent. I usually go along with the Christian doctrine of forgiveness, but there are limits. Throw away the keys...

[ Burning head ]

[The spectral images of demonic forms seen on this page are all genuine photographs of spirit forms, unedited by computer save for enlargement and JPEG compression... Well, actually they're fragments of this photo of Teddy Osei shot at an Osibisa gig! ;-]

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