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On the edge of the village of Abene is Jan's guest house where I stayed while in Africa on a drumming mission.

[ Candlelit bedroom | Dun duns in the courtyard | The courtyard at Cassiopeia (left view) | The courtyard at Cassiopeia (right view) | African chair in the courtyard | Justine walking home to Cassiopeia | Jan's house in the jungle | Back at the ranch after a day out ]

[ Nfally Sagna or 'Angas' as we call him | Maguette, mon professeur from Dakar | Saddibu in woolly hat and scarf, despite 30'C! | Lamine in the garden with machete | Justine walking with a basket on her head | Laye with a teapot balanced on his head | Jan and Laye | Laye bringing some fresh fish from Kafoutine | Angas, Lamine, me, Maguette and Saddibu ]

[ Footballer Laye with an artistic salad | Fresh fruit and veg in the kitchen | A rare thing in the jungle - a fridge! | Freshly picked fruits for breakfast | Everyone sat around the dinner table | Candlelit dinner ]

[ The creek approaching Cassiopeia | The well in the garden | Duncan taking it easy in the hammock | The guys on the roof | The guys sitting on the roof ]

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