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This is the beat elite
So neat, it's a treat!
Move your feet, feel the heat,
Meet the fleet, complete.

This is the sound, come on,
Get down, spin around
On the ground, we astound;

These are the moves that soothe -
So smooth - in the groove,
When the youth hit the roof,
IT'S THE TRUTH, the proof.

This is the dance: OUR CHANTS
ENTRANCE, given chance.
Take a stance, it's enhanced
By advanced romance.

These are the words that purred,
Unheard, to the birds,
And the nerds, and the girls
Who preferred desserts.

This is the news to choose
Don't lose! CAN'T REFUSE.
Pay your dues, check the clues,
Use your shoes to cruise.

This is a rap, so CLAP!
Don't nap in the gap
It's a trap, read the map,
Don't get zapped, old chap!

This is a song, so strong:
King Kong - never wrong!
Hear our throng - may be young,

These are the rhymes that chime,
So prime, sharp like limes.
Don't need crime, do your mimes,
Spin a dime: good times.

This is the noise the boys
Employ to destroy.
Real McCoys, we've got poise,

This is the flock that knocks
Spots off Planet Rock.
Such a shock to the clock:
Tick tock, woodblock.

This is the funk we drunk,
Not junk in the trunk.
Ain't no punk or a flunk,
Nor a monk that shrunk.

This is the verse rehearsed
So terse to coerce.
Try and curse (us)? Need a nurse
Or a hearse or worse.

We're not averse, perverse,
Adverse, self-immersed.
In reverse, we'd be first
(To) Reimburse your purse.

WE are the crew . that YOU .
Have . to . KEEP IN VIEW, .
. To renew . your world view;
. We outgrew . taboo .
. GOOD . FOR YOU . some one
. to look . up . to .
. Be . true . . . .
. Show . respect . too .

Not tame, NEVER LAME.
We take aim like a flame

. . . . . IT'S . THE BEAT . ELITE . . . .
. . . . . And  . the drum . beat . goes . like .
THIS  X . . X . B THE BEAT . ELITE . . . .
rrRappin' on the microphone until the last .
NOTE . . .
X    B X X

DRUM PARTS for Djembe or TR-808: (with variations - alter at will)

96bpm 4/4  1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
Djembe 1a  B...X.B.....X...
Djembe 1b  B...X.B...B.XB..
Djembe 1c  B...X.B...B.X...
Djembe 1d  BX..X.B....BX...
Djembe 1e  .XB.X.B...B.X...
Djembe 1f  .X..X.B...B.X..X
Djembe 1g  B...X....B.B.XB.
Djembe 1h  B...X..XX.X.XBB.

Djembe 2b  B.OOS.OOOOOOS..S

RHYTHM: (and alternate lyric)
1       &          2      &
This is the sound  . come on .
B    .  .   .      X .    B  .

3       &          4      &
Get .   down .     spin  around .
.   .   B    .     X     ..     .

1       &          2      &
. On    the ground . to   the sound
B .     .   .      X .    B   .

3       &          4      &
. That  you found  . in   town .
. .     B   .      X .    .    .

Key to notation

A rap I wrote on 2009-02-06 10:44, with more verses added later at 17:15 and 2009-03-05 20:30. Once I've practised it and mastered the breath control, I gotta find me some kidz to unleash this upon the world with... ;-)

Rather than struggle your way through as one solo vocalist (large lungs!), a much more achieveable arrangement would have each verse chatted by different soloists (or alternating groups of people), to give some much needed breathing+thinking space, unless we are talking experienced Microphone Controllers in the house. Depending on how much rehearsal time is available, certain key phrases could also be doubled by everyone in unison, (capitalised above) a la Public Enemy, or even passed around one word per person a la Faust.

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