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Extracts from two collections of his poetry, reproduced with kind permission from his widow:

See also a poem by his friend, Valerio Fissore.

Perhaps a Novel (1966-1982)

Printed for private circulation. Phene Press, Haslemere. 1983

                -- 1966 --

The fifth & sixth,

She,   her,   hen, hatches the embraced world of
the shoulders .... his hard faces of cinema cut
through the butter of party affection

wave   good   bye   &   race   with   the   salmon
              chasing   the  tail
                        of  your  ungrabbed  girls

             -- 1967 - 1982 --

twenty million . . .

    twenty  million   seconds

                         to  sharpen  the

      rodent   teeth

                      of friendship

    All   the   rest

                  to   file    down ( & up )

           the   knife    tooth

                             of   love

Nods (1991)


   Not just reading

   Not entirely grabbing from thin air

   Taking first the big step

   Then daintily to & fro

   on ballerina block-points

   Dosing the explosions

   & not forgetting the echoes

   Clamping would be perfection

   on new vintage grapes

            Romantic recipe

1  a good measure of flint spark

2  rainbow archer bull's-eye

3  early sharp & late soft wonders

   unscramble Freud-Jung's hefty syllables

   pour gently into the upturned gaze

© copyright Giorgio Verrecchia 1991
Published jointly in an edition of 100 copies
by The Many Press, 15 Norcott Road, London N16 7BJ [ISBN 0-907326-24-2]
and Poetical Histories, 27 Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QG [ISBN 1-871965-10-1]

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