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A collection of recorded songs and drum rhythms (1999) 90'00" [ Tone Control cover image ]

Side A: LOVELY Ambient Anthems to chill you

Side B: LIVELY Beautiful Beats to thrill you

The cover image shows my colourful TC Stirfry recipe atop my Remo Tubano drum. The idea is: eat well, play well; and mens sana in corpore sano ('a healthy mind in a healthy body'). Sadly this is my most recent complete album, which is highly embarassing considering we are now in 2011! But now I've got my Music Computer built, we are working on it. It was recorded while I was living at Michael's Folly. There are no more cassette copies left now, and it's too time-consuming to produce more, but it will be reissued on CD when time allows...

UN-Control-LED Tones

[ Cosmic Chapel Angel in Coventry Cathedral ]There was also a very limited edition 45-minute collection of Tone Control out-takes entitled UN-Control-LED Tones which featured demos and unfinished tracks, as well as a 23-minute long drone piece for overdubbed voices and harmonium called Prana. On the other side of this tape was a series of Harmonic Singing recordings by Michael's Folly Angels.

[Scores and recordings will eventually be available]

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