1957 VW Camper Van

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[ Mel with 1957 VW Camper Van | VW Camper Van front right view | VW Camper Van rear left view ] My sister Melanie with her supercool split screen 1957 Volkswagen Camper Van named 'Woody' (short for 'Woodville', as suggested by its numberplate). This design classic still looks futuristic 45 years on; heck, it even has trafficators (indicator flags that stick out to signal :-) !

[ VW Camper Van dashboard | VW Camper Van with right doors open ] Inside, the dashboard is rather minimal, but behind the front seats is a kitchen area with cupboards, fridge and stove, and a foldaway double bed at the back.

[ VW Camper Van front view | VW Camper Van rear view | VW Camper Van with rear door open ] This vehicle is the ultimate compact RoadTripMobile; she's enjoying taking it out to VW shows and getting into the whole VW cult thing. Fellow VeeDub fans should definitely check out the Bus Selecta!!


Woody now has a companion! A matching original Westfalia caravan from the same era. More details and photos to follow...

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