Prayer For Good Outcomes

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Please help people help themselves and each other
Please help people see the wool being pulled over their eyes
Please help people realise that they can't keep raping Earth and its children
Please help us remember throughout the dark times that nothing lasts forever
Please answer our pleas

Please make stuff Just Work better
Please fix our computers already
Please bring us lovely wholesome organic open source software to free our minds and our enslaved computers
Please provide us with meaningful work to energise us and put food on the table
Please furnish us with the required inspiration to clean the kitchen afterwards

Please help us find love... and hold onto it when we do! :)
Please remind us that nobody is perfect, not even us
Please smooth over the cracks in our communication breakdowns
Please give us the tact necessary to be mindful of - and tiptoe sensitively around - our control dramas
Please love the children and break the repeating cycles of abusive behaviour

Please give us the will to continue
Please give us enough money to live long and prosper
Please give us enough money to be able to give some money to those in need
Please give us the insight to realise how lucky we really are
Please give us Hope in these crazy times we inhabit

Please let us forgive even the bankers and politicians
Please don't let them sell everything down the river
Please don't let us forget the powers of flowers and trees and seas
Please remind everyone of the wonder of music
Please nourish our souls in song and dance

Please keep us healthy enough not to notice how lucky we are to be so
Please teach people how to look after themselves again
Please provide enough wellbeing to go around, and hopefully a bit left over too
Please reduce suffering to a minimum - we all know some degree of suffering is to be expected, but come on!
Please make it all end, if not happily ever after, at least fairly well considering

Written 2011-01-19 Wednesday 22:00 at Full Moon.

OK, I guess I am a hippie deep down! :-) This will one day become a song. in the meantime, please feel free to modify and spread...

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