The Positive Spirit

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The Positive Spirit
Is growing within me.
The Positive Spirit:
All-knowing within me.
The Holy Spirit
Is glowing within me.
It's not God -
It's me.

The Negative Spirit
Is dying within me.
The Hostile Spirit
Is trying to chin me.
The Evil Spirit
Is crying without me.
Goodbye Devils -
I'm free :-)

Written in Hatfield Cemetery on 1996-12-10, with the ending found on 2006-11-26 23:44 and slight modifications added later on 2010-04-16 22:14 and 2010-05-12 15:30. While unemployed and living nearby, I used to take my tubano drum there to practise my drumming somewhere remote and away from houses where nobody could hear or be disturbed. This was a tiny war cemetery with only about fifty graves, and I never saw anyone there (living, at least...). I felt at one with the dead, whose spirits I felt enjoyed all the rhythmic excitement. It was highly emotional to think of the dead men who had given their lives fighting in wars to end all war, and yet still we are at war... To appease their (and their families') grief I often sang this uplifting song with a simple drum accompaniment, which needs recomposing, so I'll eventually record a proper final version.

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