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Supergroup to the Gods

My ideal celestial band will include these musicians (who have all passed on from this mortal coil):

...featuring The Heavenly Choir

Guest Stars

I'm still scouting for a deceased celestial string ensemble to add some ethereal shimmering sounds. We need some more girl instrumentalists in there too. I'm open to suggestions for alternative supergroups of your own, or more artists for this one but they'd have to be really special, not just popular choices like Bob Marley, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Syd Barrett, Ian Curtis (all cool), or Kurt Cobain (not). John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix are not included as they thrive more in small group settings. Fellow Funkadelic guitarist/singer/drummer Glen Goins can stand in if Eddie Hazel or Tiki get tired. There are of course many jazzers who could stand in, but this group is about much more than jazz - think cosmic calypso space funk with offstage whispered gospel harmonies! Of course one day I'd aspire to join this esteemed band, but in the meantime, perhaps I should try and emulate and develop their sublime sounds while still here on Earth...

It's inevitable that the band will only expand as more great masters join the heavenly throng - I'm starting to feel old, now that all my mentors are leaving this life! But even heaven's stages have size limits, and not everyone can play at once. Possibly they can branch out into splinter groups of like-minded individuals from this initial mega-orchestra melting pot. Hopefully being dead will free the group from earthly pressures such as clashes of ego and rehearsal time/space issues. We look forward to hearing their heavenly music soon at a shrine near you...

May they all Rock In Peace!

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