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High end digital reverberators and effects

[ Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 front panels ]

Others in the DPS range include the DPS-M7 Sonic Modulator, DPS-D7 Delay and the DPS-V77 which was a powerful multi-effects unit with digital i/o (albeit on a non-standard proprietary connector) combining the best effects from the DPS-*7 range. Here are some of the manuals. The DPS-V55 was a four-channel unit, and the HR-MP5 was a cheaper half-rack multi-effects unit. These all followed from Sony's 1981 epic 3U behemoth DRE-2000 Digital Reverberator. The range culminated in 1999 with the DRE-S777 Sampling Reverb which used sampled impulse responses of top concert halls and acoustic spaces; like the original 2000, it was incredibly expensive.

[ Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 rear panels ]

Other Sony pro-audio gear

I also used their TCD-D7 portable DAT recorder, which went to Africa with me and recorded music and various creatures out in the bush.

As well as countless recorders+hifi+broadcast gear, Sony also made the following units, none of which I own or have ever used - I just list them here for completeness:

[ Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 in good company with Lexicon M97 | Shiny Sonys MU-R201 + DPS-R7 with Lexicon M97 | Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 with Lexicon M97 and little fluffy clouds | Sony MU-R201 + DPS-R7 buttonscape | Sony reverbs on Casio VZ1 synth | APS Aeon and BCR2000 atop Sony reverbs ]

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