Gordale Scar

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An elemental gateway

[ Towering cliffs at Gordale Scar ]

This awe-inspiring place is at the head of the valley of Gordale, near Malham in Yorkshire.

[ Waterfalls up ahead at Gordale Scar | Approaching the waterfalls at Gordale Scar | Waterfalls at Gordale Scar | People climbing up between the waterfalls at Gordale Scar | Slippery rocks make progress hazardous | A lethal torrent threatens any false move | People watching my ascent from below | Looking back down Gordale Scar from halfway up | The gatekeepers of Gordale Scar | My quest is to photograph this with a blue sky | An amazing place awaits whoever succeeds up the waterfalls | Looking back down Gordale Scar from above ]

I've been here many times with my camera, first in autumn 2003 and then again in October 2005. In December 2005, I coerced Justine and Duncan to accompany me back up Gordale Scar. The primeval scenery in the magical kingdom above the waterfalls is well worth the effort of the climb to reach it.

Footpaths lead:

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