Loving Yew

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(for Chrissie Martin)

Loving Yew
Is the best thing I could ever do
Knowing that you said you love me too
Makes me happier than wooing you

When you smile I just melt
Into dreams where we are lovers two
Walking hand in hand as lovers do
Angels singing high above us too
Life is wonderful because of you
I can barely get enough of you
Now we've found each other
Let's create a life together...

Holding you is so sublime
It captivates me ev'ry time
You smile that way
I'll just say it
Makes me long for

One fine summer's day
You'll come round to play
Hoping that you'll stay

Be my muse today
No more words to say
Love will show the way

Now all doubts have gone
Feelings grow so strong
As I sing this song

Waking up with you is
Such a pretty view
Knowing love is true
Loving Yew

Lyrics to my song composed from 2011-06-22 until July for my beloved Chrissie

© copyright Malcolm Smith 2012-10-08 - last updated 2012-12-16