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I dreamt that so-me foreigners as-ked me for help
To drive them up to Scotland.
Sadly this was not my car or I'd gladly accept
And so, I wished them good luck in their travelling.

Then next did a-n African hor-seman ride past,
His face all lost and solemn.
Suddenly mounted pol-ice in full riot gear
Appear; it seems that they're after the African.

A strong urge t-o te-ll them whi-ch way he went
Is instantly depleted
(As) soon as I open my car door, I hear not a sound;
The town is cloaked in dead si-lence all around.

And so I al-low them to go on their false way.
The next minute, my friend comes
(And) asks: "Did they talk to you? Did they give you a Message?"
And then I knew, telepathic'lly what was said.

A voice had im-parted some know-ledge to me
With serious emotion:
That "On The Isle of Skye there's a woman to meet";
It left this tune softly echoing through my mind.

My friend steps be-fore me and gi-ves me something,
A hand carved wooden object,
Showing me: "Look how the wind blows through (the) reeds in this hole;
This amulet has been crafted to play Her song."

I wasn't qui-te sure that I kn-ew what he meant,
And asked for explanation.
My friend smiled: "Tragic'lly one thing he (ne)glected to say
Was that She i-s your natural birth Mother."

I listened to (the) sound from the wooden amulet
and, sure enough, a tune heard.
So now I re'lised th'importance of coming to Skye
To sing this song in the hope that I'd find Her here.

Written down 2002-08-12 12:22 and finished 2002-08-13 08:00, this is an exact depiction of a dream about my natural birth mother Judith who I never met (I was adopted as a baby, originally named Peter Richard Langford). This song was composed from the tune left reeling around my mind when I awoke, a haunting folk melody, and has been arranged for voice, piano, mandolin and acoustic guitar. I later found out that this was linked to ancient dreams of years ago, of a special landscape I kept returning to in dreams. I hope to visit the island and find some Folk night at a pub or other suitable music venue to perform the song.

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