The Dry Valley

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Deep channel of spiritual energies

The dry valley at dusk ] Sun setting over the dry valley | [ The dry valley above Malham Cove |Here The Pennine Way runs up the Dry Valley of Ing Scar, linking the Tarn and the Cove. This valley was once carved by a river which has since gone underground.

This place I consider to be my true spiritual home, a magical site of immense power. I don't know much about leylines, but there is some form of energy here in abundance - you can almost cut the atmosphere with a knife. It stays with me wherever I go.

[ A hawk on the moors above Malham ]It is a great ambition of mine to one day stage a performance of music theatre up here, inspired by the saxophonist Lol Coxhill who would perform solo concerts to an audience invited to attend at a given time and Ordnance Survey map grid reference. An encounter with a bird of prey spirit-guide showed me that this will indeed happen.

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