Gluten-Free Muesli

There are many types of Gluten-Free Muesli now available in shops, but many still contain oats or peanuts which I cannot bear. So here is my own version, which can be infinitely varied.



Select ingredients. Obviously this is a Trophologist's nightmare, as all food groups are blatantly combined, so care and discretion is needed; K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!) Severe troughs shall result from excessive over-indulgence. Technically it is best for digestion to eat fruits separately from grains and nuts, but this is not always easy to do. Once you find a good balance, one can prepare a large container of the mixture, and then buy all the ingredients in bulk to save on packaging. Watch out again that dried fruit often contains preservatives (sulphur dioxide=farts) and banana chips are covered with sugar (as if they're not already sweet enough!). Be sure to chop fresh fruits (and salads as well of course) last of all, to preserve the enzymes which will quickly spoil. Live food advocates proclaim the goodness of raw foods for this reason that cooking kills much goodness.

Serve in a dish with rice milk, or alternatively add water and warm in a pan to make porridge. Muesli can be soaked in water overnight to ease digestion.

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