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The first Beat Camp took place on Saturday-Sunday 15th-16th September 2007

[ Happy campers at the first Beat Camp in September 2007 ]

The second Beat Camp took place on Sunday 8th June 2008

This was initially conceived as a two-day event with camping, but this time it was just a one-day affair, to be held within the grounds of Chez Malc :-) The aim was to take a group of drummers through a new set of pieces ready for future performance, hopefully at a Garden Party another weekend. Since it was a private event in my own home, I sent invitations to those who might like to be involved; if I didn't include you and you feel strongly that you should be here and will keep up, then do get in touch.

The material was all new rhythms that I learned first hand from Mamady Keita, so nobody had an advantage (unless you were also there). The level incorporated anyone who has some drumming experience and can pick up and hold a rhythm, through to intermediate players. There was some singing too. We used primarily African drums and percussion. There was an extra focus on playing as a group and all it entails: dynamics, timbre, tempo, flow. This is an excellent opportunity to further your funky mind!

The third Beat Camp took place on Saturday 4th October 2008

BC3 ("BeatDanceCamp") focused on dance and drumming-for-dance, with inspirational teaching from the wonderful Emma Nelson from Hamana. She led a three-hour session at Parkside Hall in the afternoon, following a two-hour drumming workshop in the morning to learn the music to accompany the dancers, an invigorating groove called Sinte.

The fourth Beat Camp was due to take place on Saturday-Sunday 9th-10th May 2009, but is now POSTPONED for later this summer

Meanwhile, be sure to book your ticket for African Beats Camp too :-)

[This event is in no way affiliated with who were a German soundsystem, other than sharing a love for funky beat music ;-]

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