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First studio setup at Narniasound

[ Studio love seat in vinyl wall ]

Moving house took me more than a year to get my vast audio and instrument collections organised while also having to keep on making a living. So even though the studio gear was one of the first things to be unpacked (as it's the most fun!), it remained unplugged and largely dormant for most of the time while I had to sort out the rest of my life. This sadly continued well into 2014, so not much music got made, but over time the setup patiently evolved into a great new layout :-)

[ Planning potential synth layout - just need to add furniture, racks and cables! | Early unfinished studio layout seen from above ]

I'd spent six months searching for a house to rent with a big room to use as Control Room, so having 4m x 4m of space allowed me to set things up so that easy rear cable access was finally possible. The reason for this can be seen in the next few photos taken after deinstalling (for the first time in years) the inaccessible racks underneath my studio desk at the old house. To my horror, I discovered that some mice had moved in and gathered up lots of fluff (having chewed the nice velvet theatre drapes I had hanging up) and literally made their nest right amongst my mains cabling in the fireplace! Maybe it was warm and safe there, but I didn't feel particularly safe as I finally discovered that the "always-on" PDU and mains 4-way you see here covered in icky debris were in such a state, and still powered up! Shocking, or thankfully not! Perhaps the debris was actually soot that had fallen down the chimney (which can happen), but it seemed too purposefully placed away from the back of the chimney, and was all matted together. I spent quite an unpleasant time cleaning all the afflicted gear and cables, and vowed to make sure this never happened again...!

[ Rats nest of mains cables found in fireplace behind DAT machine under desk | Rats nest of mains cables found in fireplace | Rats nest of mains cables in fireplace behind still-powered PDU | Icky mess rats nest of mains cables behind still-powered PDU! ]

Anyway, out with the old and back to the new... The astute amongst you will spot some new additions, on long-term loan from a friend: ARP Odyssey, Roland RS-09 and TR-707.

[ Behind the Tech computer desks which make ideal rack+synth stands | Digital FX and patchbay rack on Tech computer desk | UFO above Akai rack on Tech computer desk | First racks set up on Tech computer desks | Early idea for 3x5U angled workstation before desk was made ]

[ Racks above RS09+CZ101 looking towards window love seat | Synthscape: ARP Odyssey, Roland Jupiter-6 and JX-3P with PG200, Casio VZ1 | Synthscape from above: JX-3P, Odyssey, VZ1, Jupiter-6 ]

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